lunes, 26 de mayo de 2008

i used to

get excited about rainny days
now they just bore the hell out of me.
now i just feel like laying in bed
not waking up for the day...
or the year for all sakes...

i still have your marks in my body
my skin turning purple
your teeth all over me
i'm bruised and abused
and it's all because of you

hit me one more time...
come on...
you know i'm not a saint
punish me... like you always do..

i should be guilty.,..
i should feel guilty right?
i can't erase my mistakes
and neither can you

but you know... i'm the bad one
i'll take the punch one more time
bruise me all over like you do
leave me numbed down on the floor

i used to love rainny days
now nothing is the same....
i used to love rainny days
now i'm bruised and i can't stand

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