domingo, 15 de julio de 2007


I'll never tell
the truth goes down the pile
just like it does every day
just like it has always been.
this belongs to the past
the memories should be erased
this should be erased
pretend... just pretend
nobody knows
so it's all ok
secrets are meant to be kept
this is a secret you would never tell
but is better if you don't know
i swear is better if you don't
keep them inside
don't care if they hurt
don't care if you cry
just hold them to yourself
..... i know, you don't know
trust me you don't need to know
they say is not real if you don't believe in it
well i don't want to believe
but it just won't go away
don't worry it will be ok
not today, not tomorrow, but someday
it will be ok
you will be ok
i know i won't

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±]Elrondpunk dijo...

en mi caso, cualquiera q fuese la verdad con el tema q sea... quiero la verdad.